Nobel Prizes as Linked Data

RDF Vocabulary for expressing Nobel Prizes as Linked Data, 29 June 2021

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Matthias Palmér - MetaSolutions
Hans Mehlin - Nobel Prize Outreach
Hannes Ebner - MetaSolutions
CC-BY 4.0

The Nobel Prize Linked Data dataset contains the authoritative information about Nobel Prizes and Nobel Laureates since 1901. This document specifies new classes and properties that have been defined as well as which classes and properties that has been reused from existing vocabularies.

An important characteristic of the Nobel Prizes are that they can be shared between up to three persons, in addition, the same person can receive multiple Nobel Prizes. To capture this the Nobel Prize expression in RDF makes use of the three classes NobelPrize, LaureateAward, and Laureate. Every NobelPrize contains between one and three LaureateAwards that among other things contains a motivation. The Laureate, referenced from both the NobelPrize and LaureateAward is a subclass of foaf:Person (or foaf:Organization if the Laureate is an organization) containing generic biographic information.

In addition to this specification there is an OWL ontology available.

classDiagram NobelPrize --> LaureateAward : hasPart NobelPrize --> Laureate : laureate Laureate --> City : birthPlace Laureate --> City : deathPlace Laureate --> Country : birthPlace Laureate --> Country : deathPlace Laureate --> University : affiliation LaureateAward --> Laureate : laureate LaureateAward --> University : university class NobelPrize { label category year motivation } class LaureateAward { label year share motivation contribution } class University { label country city } class Laureate { name givenName familyName gender sameAs dateOfBirth dateOfDeath } class City { label sameAs } class Country { label sameAs }