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nobel:awardFile <http://data.nobelprize.org/resource/awardfile/226>
nobel:awardFile <http://data.nobelprize.org/resource/awardfile/5335>
nobel:category <http://data.nobelprize.org/resource/category/Chemistry>
nobel:comment George de Hevesy received his Nobel Prize one year later, in 1944. During the selection process in 1943, the Nobel Committee for Chemistry decided that none of the year's nominations met the criteria as outlined in the will of Alfred Nobel. According to the Nobel Foundation's statutes, the Nobel Prize can in such a case be reserved until the following year, and this statute was then applied. George de Hevesy therefore received his Nobel Prize for 1943 one year later, in 1944. (en)
nobel:field inorganic chemistry (en)
nobel:field nuclear chemistry (en)
is dcterms:hasPart of <http://data.nobelprize.org/resource/nobelprize/Chemistry/1943>
dcterms:isPartOf <http://data.nobelprize.org/resource/nobelprize/Chemistry/1943>
rdfs:label Chemistry 1943, George de Hevesy
nobel:laureate <http://data.nobelprize.org/resource/laureate/201>
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nobel:motivation "for his work on the use of isotopes as tracers in the study of chemical processes" (en)
nobel:motivation "för hans arbeten över isotopers användning som indikatorer vid studiet av kemiska processer" (sv)
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rdf:type nobel:LaureateAward
rdf:type dbpedia-owl:Award
nobel:university <http://data.nobelprize.org/resource/university/Stockholm_University>
nobel:year 1943 (xsd:integer)